|||    08-01-2022 : Weekend lockdown, night curfew return: As COVID-19 cases rise.    |||    08-01-2022 : The rise in COVID-19 cases has prompted Delhi authorities to impose a weekend curfew from Friday 10 pm to Monday 5 am in the city. Delivery and Pickup may get effected.    |||    08-01-2022 : The Tamil Nadu government on Wednesday announced night curfews from tomorrow and also enforced a shutdown on Sundays to fight against the rising COVID-19 cases. The night curfew timing is 10 pm to 5 am.    |||    08-01-2022 : The Haryana government has ordered the closure of malls, theatres, multiplexes and entertainment parks.    |||    08-01-2022 : A night curfew will be imposed in Chandigarh from Friday, while all educational institutions including schools, colleges, universities and coaching classes will be closed.    |||    08-01-2022 : The Assam government has revised the timings of night curfew to 10 pm to 6 am, starting from Saturday (January 8).
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Track Your Shipment

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Track Your Shipment

For multiple queries use commas (,)
eg: P10600878545

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